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Commercial Window Tint installed by Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Commercial window tinting is an effective way to protect your business, while also going "green". Installing window tint is a great way to elevate your businesses potential while also greatly reducing cost. Window film can lower inside temperatures up to 15 degrees, which improves working conditions and decreases energy spending. Window film protects employees, furniture, electronics, inventory, and more from UV rays. Thus, the need to replace sun damaged items is greatly reduced. With the money you will be saving from your energy bill, you can invest it back into your business. It's a win-win situation! We offer many different types of films so give us a call and find out which is right for you.

C-Bond Extreme Window Film Solutions™

The standard industry method of applying window film for decades, is 'Soap and Water'. Typically companies use Johnson’s baby shampoo which is designed for washing hair or they would use dishwashing soaps which are designed for washing dishes. These consumer products have ingredients that are problematic and have no business being between glass and window film.


​C-Bond is designed to replace 'Soap and Water'  when applying window film, which will dramatically increase the structural strength and flexibility of the glass.

Extreme Window Film Solutions™ is the only Authorized Dealer in Southern California for C-Bond Systems.

Ask for C-Bond Solutions on your next Commercial Window Film Install!

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C-Bond Extreme Window Film Solutions™
Commerical Window Film installed by Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Benefits of Window Film

Anti Graffiti Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Anti-Graffiti Film

Commercial Decorative Frost Film installed by Extreme Window Film Solutions™

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Commercial Window Film Viewer Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Window Film Viewer

Commercial Security Film Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Security Film

Commercial StoneGuard® Stone Surface Protection Film installed by Extreme Window Film Solutions™


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