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LLumar SelectPro Dealer Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Security Film

Deter home burglaries with security film. Extreme Window Film Solutions™

Windows are your weakest link of security. A potential burglar or a destructive vandal can easily shatter a window, take all your valuables, put your family, and loved ones at risk. The security of your home and your family, not to mention all the valuable possessions within will be greatly enhanced with our Security Film by 
making entry through a window or a sliding glass door more difficult. Safety film can be fitted internally or externally and can be fitted in the frame to existing glazing and windows. The film is available in a range of different thicknesses and strengths, as well as in a number of different tint shades. With the most popular being a completely clear, meaning you can apply Security Film to your glass without altering the appearance.


Protect your family from flying glass during an Earthquake with Safety Film. Extreme Window Film Solutions™

While it's impossible to stop the consistent threat of tremors or deadly earthquakes, it is possible to combat one of its most lethal effects, flying glass.  While your home or office building's structure may absorb a quake's impact, it's windows are often less able to sustain frequent tremors or violent quakes.  They can crack or blow out from their frames, shattering glass into lethal shards that can cause damage, injury or even death. You can help prevent this treacherous situation in your home or office with Security Film. 

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